Neon Pink™ Iresine herbstii 'HERBIE53' PBR

Neon Pink™ - Compact & tidy with a finer leaf than the common form

Neon Pink™ Iresine herbstii 'HERBIE53' PBR

Emporium/Hotties Range


Plant Description: This is a compact and tidy form with a finer leaf. Its foliage is dense and has stunning pink ribs that adds colour contrast to any garden.

Height & Width: 40cm high x 40cm wide.

Foliage: Dense pink foliage with stunning vivid pink ribs.

Flowers: Insignificant flowers.

Uses: Small garden hedges (also as a foliage contrast plant for general gardening).

Position & Tolerances: Sheltered positions in light to moderate frost areas. Frost and drought tender.

Soil Type: Moist, loamy top heavy soils.

Best Planting Time: September to April.

Planting Density: 3-4 plants per linear metre (3-5 plants per m²).

Where it thrives: All frost free and light to moderate frost regions for all states including NT.

Pruning: Prune twice per year for best results.

Establishment & Extra Care: 

  • Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established.
  • Plant in a well mulched garden, a chunky mulch is recommended.
  • Provide adequate water as required.
  • Fast to establish, particularly in warmer months.
  • Use slow release fertiliser in spring, if required.


Neon Pink™ Iresine

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