Autumn Twist™ Rhododendron hybrid ‘CONLEP' PBR

Autumn Twist™ - Heat & cold tolerant Azalea with masses of light pink flowers with fuchsia stripes

Autumn Twist™ Rhododendron hybrid 'CONLEP' PBR

Encore Azalea Range


Plant Description: This is a tough landscape Azalea with masses of stunning repeat striped blooms. This is a heat and cold tolerant Azalea that has yet to see a flower blight after 3 years of testing.

Height & Width: 1.2m high x 1m wide.

Flowers: Light pink flowers with fuchsia stripes, and occasionally will give a full fuchsia flower. Repeat blooms in spring, summer and autumn.

Uses: Flowering informal hedge (also ideal for specimen and mass planting in gardens, and as a garden border).

Position & Tolerances: Full sun to part shade. Frost tolerant. Moderately drought tolerant (needs a year to establish before it is drought tolerant, and will require top up watering during dry times). Lace Bug Resistant.

Soil Type: Well drained soils.

Best Planting Time: March to November.

Planting Density: 1-2 plants per linear metre (1-3 plants per m²).

Where it thrives: NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC, TAS, SA and WA.

Pruning: Prune after spring flowering for best results.

Establishment & Extra Care: 

  • Water well for the first year for the plant to become fully established, and become more drought tolerant.
  • Top up watering in dry periods is recommended.
  • Plant in a well mulched garden, a chunky mulch is recommended, ensure the root ball is slightly above the soil level.
  • Use slow release fertiliser in spring, if required.


Autumn Twist™ Rhododendron

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